AR Education - Faculty

  • Mrs. Neena Jain

    Mrs. Neena Jain

    General, Commercial and other allied laws

    Experience - 16 Years
  • Mr. Ankit Pathak

    Mr. Ankit Pathak

    Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Costing and Tax Laws

    Experience - 9 years
  • Mr. Ravinder Kumar

    Mr. Ravinder Kumar

    Corporate Laws

    Experience - 5 Years
  • Mr. Bhanu Mishra

    Mr. Bhanu Mishra

    Economics, Business Laws, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

    Experience - 3 years
  • Mr. Dharmendra Verma

    Mr. Dharmendra Verma

    Business Management, Ethics and Communication

    Experience - 5 years
  • Mr. Pushpendra Garg

    Mr. Pushpendra Garg

    Financial Accounting and Auditing , Cost and Management Account

    Experience 6 Years